We are a co-operative of like-minded narrators and audio producers, brought together through a shared love of stories and literature.

We come from a diverse array of backgrounds, be it stage, screen, studio, even classroom, but are unified by a common goal of bringing those stories to life through the production of excellent audiobooks.


We have a diverse portfolio of talented and versatile narrators, with many years of professional voiceover experience behind them, as well as backgrounds in radio, TV, film and theatre. All our narrators are remote-based, working and recording from their own industry standard recording facilities and interfacing with our main studio via remote internet connection.

This approach has multiple advantages: the first and most obvious being that cutting out expensive commercial recording studios means we can bring down production costs. Another benefit, however, comes with the flexibility it affords, leaving narrators able to record at their own pace and on their own time, rather than under the pressure of lengthy studio sessions.


A fresh perspective can have many advantages throughout both the recording and production process, which is why we have a small team of experienced voice directors on hand. Available to assist with initial concept and ready to log in to recording sessions, the voice director can further push the quality bar, offering expert guidance on character style, delivery, tone, flow and consistency for the duration of the project.


One of the most pivotal roles in the whole process is that of the Proofer. Their job begins with an initial scouring of the script, in order to call out any potential queries or problems, questionable pronunciations, etc. Then, following recording, a full QA pass is performed on the audio, with the resulting corrections being marked up for the next recording session.


Behind the scenes we have our team of editors. These are the folks that oversee recording for the remote recording sessions, as well as meticulously (not to say painstakingly) clean up, edit and master the final audio.

Each editor is equipped with a standardised set of pro audio software and monitoring equipment, as well as a suite of restoration and processing tools that we’ve customised in order to render consistent, top-quality results for audiobooks.