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Built upon a network of world class narrators, actors, directors and studio professionals, we operate entirely online, utilising cloud-based office solutions, remote studio connection technology and a proprietary online script management system. This means that not only can we unite talent on an international scale for your project, we can do so quickly, efficiently, and at a great price.

Who we are


We have a dedicated network of fantastic British and US narrators but can reach out on a much wider scale should your project demand it. We offer a complementary casting service or can hold large-scale auditions if your needs are more specific.


We believe that four ears are better than two, which is why we offer a Director as part of our standard package. Adding a critical pair of ears to the recording session can really bring out the best in your narrator


We also employ an incredible team of Proofers, on hand to cast a meticulous eye on the text and a discerning ear over the final audio, and thus ensuring both consistency and quality throughout production.


We have an established background in the professional audio industry, and our studio engineers are some of the best in the business. As a result you can be guaranteed the highest calibre editing and mastering throughout the process.

Script Management

To further streamline the workflow we’ve developed our own script production platform. This system allows all members of the project, from publisher to narrator, to synchronise and communicate across a single online script.

Not only does this speed things up at our end, it can also save our clients considerable time when dealing with queries and corrections. To learn more about the platform, or to discuss licensing, please drop us a line.