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Slip of a Girl Wins Audio File Earphones Award

Slip of a Girl Wins Audio File Earphones Award

25 October 2019

We’re very pleased to announce that our recent production Slip of a Girl has just won an Earphones Award from Audio File magazine. Congratulations to the team and to narrator Alana Kerr Collins for her moving portrayal of Anna, a young girl lost amidst the turmoil of the Irish Land Wars. Praising Alana’s excellent performance, Audio File had this to say:

Collins delivers Giff’s eloquent language with heart as her Irish lilt becomes the voice of young Anna. We hear the loneliness in Anna’s voice as her older brothers emigrate to America for a better life, her fear as she watches her mother weaken and fade, and her determination as she fights to keep what’s left of home and family together.

Smoke in the Glass Makes The Guardian’s Books of the Month

Smoke in the Glass Makes The Guardian’s Books of the Month

16 May 2019

Our recent production of Smoke in the Glass, narrated by the author Chris Humphreys, has made it in to The Guardian’s ‘Books of the Month’ column. And rightly so!

The author’s first foray into fantasy, the story builds an epic world in which immortals live amongst humans. In the cold North, the immortal Luck harbours suspicions that many of the immortals have been killed. When he intervenes in an attack on one of his fellows, he realises something new.

You can catch the full article here and listen to an audio sample below:

Poster Boy Hits Audible‘s Editor’s Picks

Poster Boy Hits Audible’s Editor’s Picks

22 April 2019

It was great to discover that last month’s production of Poster Boy, narrated by Lucy Brownhill and our very own Kat Rose-Martin, made it into Audible’s Editor’s Picks list!

A powerful and original thriller, Poster Boy is the debut novel from author NJ Crosskey. Set in a dystopian Britain, it tells the story of protagonist Rosa, the enigmatic Theresa and a discovery that those we have been taught to view as enemies may not be the real villains after all.

Listen to a sample here:


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