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CASE STUDY: Between the Lines by Michael Carrick

CASE STUDY: Between the Lines by Michael Carrick

18 April 2019

In December 2018 Blink Publishing approached us to produce the autobiography of footballer Michael Carrick. They wanted the audio narrated by his childhood friend and needed it turning around in about a week.

This Case Study provides a detailed account of the title’s production, giving a good insight into our process, not to mention the leftfield approach we sometimes have to adopt in order to achieve the best results!

Poster Boy Hits Audible‘s Editor’s Picks

Poster Boy Hits Audible’s Editor’s Picks

22 April 2019

It was great to discover that last month’s production of Poster Boy, narrated by Lucy Brownhill and our very own Kat Rose Martin, made it into Audible’s Editor’s Picks list!

A powerful and original thriller, Poster Boy is the debut novel from author NJ Crosskey. Set in a dystopian Britain, it tells the story of protagonist Rosa, the enigmatic Theresa and a discovery that those we have been taught to view as enemies may not be the real villains after all.

Listen to a sample here:


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